Monday, September 10, 2012


When I was a little girl
I used to hide in closets.
Looking for treasures
I had yet to discover.

Years later, I feel like 
I live inside of one.
One that I made 
Just for me
While trying desperately
To find the me I lost
Along the way here...

When I was young
I believed with all my heart
I'd be rescued by my prince
A man who'd love only me
One who wanted only 
My happiness.

Today I know that 
All of my dreams were 
Stories I told myself to 
Keep my guts from 
Pouring out of me.
To keep me from learning
The truth about love.
That those you give yourself to
Love you too much, but not enough...

When I was a little girl,
When I was still innocent...
Was I ever innocent?

All the drugs, all the men, all the "love"
That this world has to offer means
Absolutely nothing to me anymore.
Because I feel like I'm just 
Hiding... here in my closet.
So lost in yesterdays and could have beens
That I can't find my way back out.

And there's no one looking for me...
Not anymore.

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