Saturday, September 22, 2012

Redemption 9/21/2012

I’ll begin by saying that I’m done
Being numb
I’ve been slowly awakening from 
This nightmare 
I call life
It hurts so much
That you won’t see me
That you won’t speak to me
That you won’t let me ease the ache
In my chest, In my heart
This void
That engulfs me 
Since you’ve turned away
I remember your first moment of life
The first breath you took
The first time you opened your 
Kalidascope eyes
And stared straight into
My soul, 
Straight into 
My heart
I did this baby, 
No one else made me
Mess up everything 
You loved 
And no one else 
Feels this loss 
Like you do
Like I do
I want so badly
To take you and run away
So that we can fix us
But I know that you’re not ready
I swear baby
I’m done being a failure
I’m done being someone you
Can’t respect
I’m done with the drugs
That took me to places 
I never wanted to see in the first place
That took me 
From you
I did this
And it’s time for the un-doing
Because I’ve been un-done by this
I feel like I’ve been 
Verbally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
And I’m tired of knowing
All the things you’ve been told 
That were lies 
I want to show you
The mom you never had the chance
To know
I miss you more than 
ANYTHING in this life
I’m not asking for forgiveness
I’m begging for redemption

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