Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Newest Fear 9/19/2012

I always thought I knew
What it is to fear...
But I'm learning
A whole new type
Of terror.

I've already lost
Every ounce
Of pride
Of hope

So why did you
Have to come along
And show me
All the things
I fear

I'm so afraid of losing
These feelings
You've evoked
You've reawakened
You've pulled out
Of the darkest parts
Of me...

I didn't see you coming
I really didn't expect
Thought my heart was
Dead and shattered

But you pulled out
The pieces
And you're showing me
That even though
It will never be
The way it used to be
It's still in there...

I wasn't expecting you
But God I'm so glad
You came along
I'm always afraid
Of falling...

And you terrify me
Because I think...
I hope
I pray
That you'll catch me
When I do

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