Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sundays Revelations 9/23/2012

So here I sit.
Thinking about you
As I do every single moment
Of every single day.

Missing you both with
Every fiber of my being
With the ferocity that
Only a mother can feel

Had my inadequacies
Thrown in my face today
One more time
Had reiterated what a
Piece of shit you all
Consider me

One day
You'll all see
How wrong you were
How wrong you always were
To believe the worst
In what you thought was me

But that was the me
That you knew then
The one that
Let you think whatever
Just to shut you up

But I'm not that girl
Not now, and not then
But I'm done with you believing
That you'll get what you want
Out of the old me
By showing you, at last
The me I finally found

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