Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For You 9/18/2012

They say you can't teach
An old dog new tricks
So all this newness 
Is really messing 
With this bitch...

Homelessness, restlessness
Inability to feel
But you're waking me up

Foreign words
Others take for granted
You're showing me
What it is 
To be me.

You've woken me up
You're showing me 
What my world 
Should have been
But never was
Never would be

I'm terrified
To let you know
You've woken up 
My shattered heart
You've taken all my 
You've thrown them
To the wind

And now my fear grows
I've lost everything 
That's ever mattered to me
And I think that now
Now that I'd like to show you
How much I've begun to feel
That I'll lose you as well

Because you matter...
More than you know.
You've taken root 
In my soul

For you alone
I'm wide open
Wide awake

For you...

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