Monday, September 24, 2012

Friendship & Other Lies 9/24/12

A saying that I'm particularly fond of goes something like this...
"A true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart...
And who can sing it back to you, when you've forgotten the words..."

So this goes out to you
The ones that turned your backs
The ones that helped the heart ache grow
Into an inferno of hate
The ones who showed me
Just how broken
My give-a-shit
Really is

Perhaps if just one of you
Just one
Had come to my aid
When I'd really needed you
I wouldn't feel the way I do now
About you

You take a person like me
Yes, I got high
Yes, I shot up
Yes, I destroyed everything
And everyone around me
But I don't deny my past
I confront it
I believe in full disclosure
Not like you do...

How is what you do any better?
You get high on yourself
You shoot up on your belief that you're
   better than I am
You really see yourself as something
Somehow better
Because mine was a physical drug
Yours just happens to be a secret
You don't try to hide

But you forget...
I was there when you fell as well
I remember everything
Every bit of your disgrace

Yes me,
This bitch with a filthy mouth
With a filthy past
Who's apparently no fucking good
In your eyes...

Was always there for you

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