Saturday, January 12, 2013

Except My Own... 1/12/13

There are so many things
That I wish I could have been
So many things
That sit in me now
Like pieces of a photograph
That lay scattered on the floor

I wanted to be a heroine
The kind of person that
Little girls wanted to grow up
To be just like
But instead I gave in
To heroin

I wanted to light the world
On fire
With the music inside me
But all I did
Was burn the me
Out of me

So much I wished for
That got lost in the ashes
Of the life
I destroyed
And I took all that I loved
Right along with me
On my path of self destruction

And here I sit tonight
Continuing with my "Emo rant"
But things have changed
So much now
Inside me
That even I
Can't believe it
When I see it

I am becoming
So much more
Than I ever was
Than I ever dreamed
I was capable of
And I'm finally
Beginning to like
This new me

I no longer have dreams
Of being famous
Of being rich
Of being anyone's heroine

Except my own
For once...

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