Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home No Longer 1/6/13

I sat there for a moment
On the side of the road
About 10 minutes ago
Just staring
Just thinking...

I remember every  moment
I spent inside those walls
Every moment of sadness
Every moment of joy
Every moment anger
Every moment of disillusionment
And finally
Every good bye

And I remember when
I needed you
I needed to be able
To come home
To heal
To forget the hell
I'd been living
And I was told
I no longer had
A place called home

Home was something
It would be years
Before I felt
Comfort enough
Solace enough
To call somewhere
A home
The word it's self
Became foreign to me

So yes,
Tonight I sat on the side
Of the road
The home of my childhood
My adolescence
And I put the car in drive
And watched it disappear
In the rear view mirror

Because there's no home there
Not anymore
Not for me

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