Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stray 1/1/13

How do you remain
Untouched by the things
I said to you today?

How do you let things
Just ride... Just brush them
Off your shoulders
Like the pieces of my heart
That I handed you
I entrusted you with a
Fragile heart
That I'm watching
Through your fingers

How do you stop yourself
From loving
Too damn much
When you find that
It's not returned in
That it's not
What you thought
I guess I love too much
And you choose to love
Not enough
To close yourself off
From feeling the way
I do because of your
Your scars that you
Still hide from me

I have found a man
That I know I could love
Respect and
Cherish for the rest
Of what life I have
And when I worked up
The courage to tell you
I find that I'm loving
In vain
I find that I fell too hard
And too fast and you
Didn't even stumble

Was I just convenient?
Was I just something
To break the monotony
Or did you ever think
I was someone you
Could love

Because tonight
I just feel cold
I feel empty
I feel like I'm just
Someone you felt sorry
For and took in
Like a stray dog
That the love I make
With you is one sided
Because I don't know
What's really in your heart
Because you won't tell me
You can't say the words
I long to hear...

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