Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Beautiful Cousin/Soul Mate KSFH 1/12/13

"The baby walking on her happy tiptoes
The teen crying her fathers woes
The cousin wishing
I could have saved her foes
Many bad's
I wish I could have saved
Many bad's
I would have fought
All to love you,
All to save you
There's nothing I wouldn't have done
To save you from this beast.
There's nothing I wouldn't have done
To prove I love you Bre!!!!!!!!!"

This was written to me tonight from my cousin and soul mate
Kari Sue Fitzgibbons-Hampson

Who's light shines inside me
Even in my darkest moments
Who's faith in this new me that I have become
Has helped begin a healing inside of me
I never dreamed possible
I have always looked up to you
I have always loved you and your
Impossible ability to see the good in me
That even I couldn't find...
But never before
Have I dreamed
That there was something 
Worth redeeming
Inside of me
Until you....
Until you...

If God is kind,
He/She will allow me to grow
Into even just a tenth
Of the 
And absolute
Amazing woman
That you embody

I love you more now
That we are big kids
Than I ever imagined
And my hope
Is that we will remain
As soul sisters
Until we get to
Join our Grandma Sylvia
Who's light and beauty
I have always seen
Burning bright
Inside of you

And forever...
I love you
And always will

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