Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To My Blockers... 1/9/13

So here's the thing
Someone was able 
To open my bitch tap
And now it's time for me
To spill

Who the living fuck
Do you think you are?
Oh, that's right, 
You were one of the many
Who were too good 
To give a shit
When I needed you the most
You were one that called 
Yourself a real friend
And then found 
You were ankle deep
In your own 
Bullshit story
About how much 
You cared.
About what a friend
You were turning out
To be

And now... 
You think that you have
Absolutely ANY right
To sit in judgement on me???
I kind of know how you feel
When you once looked down 
On me and found me wanting
Because the tables have turned
And your friendship 
Has been seen 
For what it really is
You never tried,
You never cared outside yourself
Not once when I was in hell
Would you have stepped up 
And helped
So now that you think
Your insults and your 
Are making and impact, 
I just have to let you know
You're wasting your breath
You're a few years too late
To make me feel a damn thing
I'm so much more 
Than I've ever been 
And I know I'm better 
Than you ever gave me credit for

I have people now 
That know the meaning of 
What it means to be a friend
I don't need people like you.
So self absorbed that your 
Sound just like what they are
An attempt to make yourself 
Feel better
For letting go
Of someone
Who'd never been anything
But a friend to you


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. huh, guess you're not too tough to hit delete. Thanks for the voicemail. Made you sound like a loon.

    2. I only hit delete when the comment made is irrelevant to the context written above... This had nothing to do with you and I never would have called you anything but a friend. You were always there for me if I needed you. You never helped me get drugs, nor did I ask you to... that's the only part I'll take issue with.

    3. ***Original Comment*** made by Robert Cook

      I'm SO sorry to have opened your "bitch tap" but let me lay it down for you: the only time ANY of us have EVER mattered to you is when you've been:

      - Broke, and needed money
      - Alone, and needed kindness
      - Afraid, and needed safety
      - Without, and needing a fix.

      and we, your friends, helped you, did for you, lifted you up. And then you'd be gone, not needing us as you were out living your life away, and letting everyone else handle the blowback.

      And you say WE'RE not your friends? Remind yourself, when were you last OUR friend? How many times have you picked me up at my house, to take me for Chinese food? I can count on the number a fingers a man with no hands has. That's how much. How often have you handed us money, saying "you need it, I can see it"? Same number. So save your "pity me, my bitch tap overfloweth", because unlike long ago, we've all seen who you are now, and none of us like being used by a person saying "I'm your friend, now do for me"...

      We now return you to your Emo rant.