Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Impersonation 1/8/13

She's nothing but a shell
Nothing but a bad
Impersonation of who
She used to be
Allowed so many others
To take away small pieces
Of the runaway train she once was
That she's just empty
Just a shell now
That they all find
Because God forbid
You become something
More than normal
Someone worth something
She lived years as a shadow
Hiding from the light
So they wouldn't see the
Wrong that would build
Inside her chest
Until it hurt to hold it there
Where her heart used
To reside
She'd keep her damn trap shut
Until the dam broke
Until there was nothing
Left worth saving
Of herself
Until she took those last
Measured steps
From conformity
To brilliance
So that when she finally
Looked back
On those who found her wanting
She was able to find peace
Within herself for the first time
In forever
So that she's finally found the woman
She was meant to be
So she was able to kill
The impersonator
The impostor
That lived
Just beneath
The skin

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