Monday, January 7, 2013

Just One Moment... 1/7/13

If I had a moment
Just one
To hold you in my arms
To hold you to my heart
To feel your little arms
Around my neck
And hear the words
I long to hear
It would destroy my will
Destroy my decision
To stay away
For the good of you
That's all it would take
To hear your sweet voice
Say "Mommy"
In surprise
Because no matter the time
No matter the distance
I will feel you
From across the way
As will you
And like two people
Ravaged from the war
We will find each other
And we will love
Because his bitterness
His malice toward me
Should never have
Stopped us from seeing
Each other
After my war
Had been waged
And baby,
It has been hell
Without you

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