Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kari Strikes Again 1/16/13

"There once was a very litlltle girl
She seemed to me a little doll of my own
So beautiful and so full of life
She'd dance, on the floor, dance across the room and make everyone smile
One day a person made her very sad and my little doll was never the same
She did her best to make herself happy
She tried to make a life, make a family but there was always a hole in her heart she couldn't fill.
When you can't fill the hole with the good stuff, sometimes you fill it with bad things. 

You are so hurt that nothing fills the hurt but bad things. 
A girl, a beautiful girl that danced on her toes is no longer accessible, she's still there inside but lost from damage.

She can come out again, never the same, different and damaged.
She does everything she can to make things right, but "right" sometimes is unattainable when you're lost.
Coming back to "normal" is never a feeling of normal. 

Coming back to your people is never going to be easy or maybe even possible for some.
For my little dolly that danced on her toes...

I will always be there, always love you and be in your corner as long as you're honest and truthful.
I love you and always will....forever!"

*** And she does it again...
       My amazing cousin
       Kari Sue Fitzgibbons-Hampson
       Has captured my heart
       And run with it!!!!
       I loved you with such intensity
       As a child
       And every day, 
       From that one
       To this!!!

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