Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter To My Rapist 29 1/15/13

So here we are again...
I had a conversation
About you today...
And now here you are
Forefront in my mind

When I talk about you
All I can remember
Is the degradation
The pain
Of you
Pushing yourself
Inside of me
Where you never
Never belonged

I have done
"Take back the night" walks
Testimonials about
What you did to me
And it does
It helps
When I let it out
So, here I go again
Talking about it
So that I can heal

I remember
Very clearly
When I woke up
And you were
On top of me
While I lay
Face down
In the dirt
While your buddy
Held me down by the wrists
And the weight of you
Just before
You entered me
You killed me
You filled me with hatred
And you set me loose
On a world
I was never able
To see without
Your darkness
Invading me
From the inside out
Making me feel like
Nothing more than
A dirty
Used up

And now that things
Have finally gotten
To a point where
I can live without
Your ever present
I am proudly moving
Even though
You're still there
You're no longer
Part of the demon
Inside of me...
No longer
Holding me down
Holding me back
From having
A real life

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