Thursday, November 29, 2012

Antithesis 11/28/12

This ray of light
This little ball of hope
That tries to grow in me
In spite of the darkness
I wear like a badge
On my chest

You're changing
So much in me
You're showing me
An entirely new
Of the myth
Called love

You encompass
So much of this
New person that I'm
Bringing into reality
This new me
That is the complete
Of all I've been
Of all I believed
I'd ever be

You've shaken my
You've taken me and
Shown me the
Flip-side of what I
Believed of myself
And I find I'm liking
Your definition
Of this me more
Than I ever believed

Because the girl
You put your hand out to
You allowed on the back
Of your motorcycle that night
Was never meant to find
Someone as good as you
Never supposed to find
Another ounce of good
Of happy
Of light

You are
My antithesis

*Antithesis-   is a counter-proposition and denotes a direct contrast to the original proposition. In setting the opposite, an individual brings out a contrast in the meaning.  (definition from Wikipedia) 

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