Thursday, November 1, 2012

Strong 11/1/12

Thoughts are my enemies
Crazy ramblings that
If I allow it
Will chew a hole
Straight through me
I'm fighting with
Myself today
Fighting with what I know
To be right
And the knowledge
That I'm just not
Nor will I be able
To allow this to become
Something real
If I just make believe
This isn't really happening
That I didn't throw myself
Yet another hurdle
To fall over
That I didn't just
Introduce myself to
Someone else
That I can fuck up
Someone else I can
I'm so tired of hurting
Everyone and everything
I love
I touch
I'm just so damn tired
That this bullet
Is looking a whole lot better
Than any other option
I presently have
How strong do you think
I really am

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