Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 27 11/5/12

Even now
You have the
Innate ability
To stab me
In the gut,
But this time
Without your
Not only did
I see your face
One more time
Just yesterday
In passing
But I had you
Thrown in my
Along with the
Most recent
Sick fuck
Because you know
I must have deserved
What I got
You're the one
That turned me
Into a filthy little whore
And he's the one
That used me like one
But you know
I've been dealing
With the fallout from
These things for
Quite some time now
What I wasn't prepared
To deal with
Is having the
Situation it's self
Thrown at me
Like a dagger
From the lips
Of a viper
But it's just another
Little moment I will
Fold up
And pack away
Because I won't allow
Those words
To enter my mind
To wrap themselves
Around my heart
Because my heart
Is no longer mine
To abuse
It belongs to another
More worthy
Than all of us

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