Friday, November 30, 2012

Eviction Notice 11/30/12

I've come to realize
That I'm not her
I'm not the girl
I used to be

I don't follow
In her faltering

I still have
Her nightmares
I still live
With her regrets
And her sorrows
But she no longer
The person
I am now

I've come to realize
I deserve better
And better is within reach
But her fears
Still haunt me

Her unwillingness
To deal with her past
The way she should
Instead of finding
The first
Un-calloused vein
To ride the lightning
Back into oblivion

But I'm sick of her shit
Sick of the feeling that
She's not good enough
To have happiness
Not good enough
To fight for a life
On the flip side
Of addiction and insanity

I'm sick of it
And I've decided
It's time to pack up
Her shit, her issues
And throw the bitch out

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