Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter To My Rapist 28 11/29/12

It's been years
Since I woke up
An inch away
From screaming
At the memory of
What you did to me

And tonight I feel
Just like I relived
Your introduction
To depravity
To insanity

 I feel just like
You just finished
Hammering away
My innocence
Shredding my virginity
Leaving me burning
From your violence
And the alcohol
That was in your mouth

Why can't I just forget
Why can't you just take
Memories like this
And give them back
To their makers?

I didn't ask for
You to take me
The way you did
That night
All those years ago
And I don't ask you
To rob me of what
Little solace I have
In sleep

So stay the fuck
Out of my head
You're just as
Unwelcome there
As you were
The night you raped me

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