Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanks to J.D. 11/2/12

I'm going to take a step back for just a moment....

When I was in high school,
In Mr Pangburns social studies class
He'd always have a quote on the blackboard
The one I remember the most is this:

"The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched Palm is a simple twist of the wrist." Lawrence Leamer, King of the Night

It's been more years than I care to recall
Since I first read those words
Written in chalk
But etched into my mind
Because as the years have passed,
I've learned first hand
What it means to have someone
Kick you when you're down
To lie sweetly to your face and
Turn into a fucking viper
In the next breath
But every now and again,
You get surprised
By the last person
You'd expect
To reach out
And try to help you
Make it back home
I guess that's where my thanks lay
This afternoon I was surprised
And flattered
That all the while I was
Sitting in the gutter
I did have someone
I can call family
That would have at least
Reached out a helping hand
Instead of following the crowd
And turning his back.
And walking away
Knowing that
Starts another flame
That I can add
To the inferno
That I've started
I'm burning my way
Back to me
And your acceptance
Is now part of that flame
That will guide me home
Should I falter

So thank you
Again, and again
Thank you
You're an amazing person
You have always been
A kindred spirit...
But now you're part
Of the beacon
That lights my way
On my journey
To find the me
I ache to be

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