Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Repugnant 11/21/12

That's how you make me feel
No matter how hard I try
No matter how much I change
You're able to strip
Me down to
The dirty little whore
The filthy fuck
You believe me to be

I'm so tired
Of being staked out
Naked and unwilling
To give you what you want
To become the
Person I used to be
Just one more time

So I'm going to put it
Like this...
The one good thing I've done
Is kill that bitch
The tramp I used to be
Gagged the gypsy
Taken the empty slut
I was then
And I'm trying
To fill her with better
Than what you've always
Believed about me

But it takes just a few words
Especially from your mouth
Just a few careless sentences
And you're able to put me
Right back
In the place
You believe
I belong

But this time
I refuse to let go
Of my hard won
I refuse to allow
You license to
Rent space
In my head
In my heart

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