Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remembering 11/7/12

I remember
How your love
Used to taste
How you would look at me
And I'd melt
Into uncertainty
And the foolish belief
In forever
I remember
How much
How fiercely
I loved you
And how deeply
Your abandonment
Cut me
I remember
The first time
I put that needle
Into my vein
And felt
The sweet sting
Of the madness
Of heroin
And hate
I remember
All the moments
I should have
And wasn't
And I remember
How life feels
When you're
And gagging
On your need
To just fill up
Just one more time
I refuse to believe
I wasn't meant
To walk the road
I've walked
That there was no
Reason behind
The insanity
That there was
No reason
For this pain
A normal heart
Would have
Choked on
And I refuse
To believe
My journey
Has ended
With or without
My demon
I'm still me
No matter how
You dress me up
No matter what you
Choose to tell yourself
That I'm better now
There is no better
There is no changing
The person I am
The person I was
But I'm a work in
And I remember
The lessons
I've learned
Along the way

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