Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jilly 11/27/12

I sit here
Thinking about you
All the time
Missing you
Wishing I could
Call you in
From your bedroom
Set you on my lap
In the red chair
And rock you
In my arms
Just like I used to
You may be older
But everyone
Needs to be held

You've grown
Into such
An amazing
Young woman
So full of light
And so full of
I'm on the outside
Looking in
Wishing with
Every thing inside of me
That you were here
Or I was there
Or that we were anywhere
But where we are...

I miss you
So much right now
That I feel myself
Wanting so badly to just
 Scoop you up
And run like hell
But I know
The ball
Is in your court
So all I can say
Is I'm here...
I'll always be here
Ready and willing
To hold you
In my arms
Once again

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