Sunday, November 11, 2012

Throw Down 11/11/12

I don't know why or how...
But I feel you
Waking up inside me
The beast I've been
Fighting for so damn long
I can't stand myself anymore
I can't stand being locked
Inside my head and
Left to drown
In my misery

So God damn it...
I'm going to end it
The monster that lives
Inside of my soul
Time to throw down
And see just who comes
Out alive
The beast of addiction
I know myself...
I'm better than this damn it
I'm more than the
Needles I shoved into
My veins
I'm more than
The crazy junkie
The "pill popper"
I am so much more
Than I've ever
Been given
Credit for...
 I'm more than the
Vicious opinions that
You spew at me

So damn it,
I'm done....
Time to fight this
Animal in me
And I swear...
This time,
One of us
Won't make it
Out alive

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