Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pill Popper 11/4/12

Do you seriously think
That any of your opinions are
Going to hurt?
Like you're accomplishing anything?
Please... I call myself worse
On a daily fucking basis
I know what I am
What I was
And where I'm going with
That knowledge from here
Your opinion of the person
That I am now
Doesn't define
My life
If you turned the tables
And put yourself in my shoes
You'd have fallen
The first damn step
So please
Save your breath
On this pill popping
Nasty slut
Filthy fucking whore
This fat, dick sucking, dirty bitch
Or whatever else
You choose to call me
Because your
Insults aren't hurting me
Nor will they ever
The only one they're hurting
Is someone we both love
Someone I know I'm trying to
Be more for
More than your
Opinion will ever achieve

But I'll fight my own battles
So keep it coming
And we'll see
Just how far
Your insults
Get you

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