Monday, November 5, 2012

Opinion 11/5/12

12:02am... here I am again...
Letting him enjoy sleep
Without the drama of
Me and mine
It's not so much
The things that are said
Because I could give a shit
There only 2 opinions
That matter the absolute most
To me
In this new situation
Those of my daughters
Who are not with me
Because of a mixture of
My choices
And fate
But mainly my choices
After fate had it's way with me
For the second time
Two and a half years ago
And I own that.
I own my fuck ups
Like I own nothing else
But now that good ole fate
Has thrown me another curve,
I refuse to look at it
As something that shouldn't be
Something wicked or bad
Just because other people
Believe they know me
Because they know who I was
And who I've let them see
I allow very few
To see the real me
To see me without the walls
I've erected to save myself
And now that I'm holding another
Life in my hands
I'll be damned if I'll take
These opinions of me
And allow them to taint
This new little life...
So it's really your choice
You just don't need to be
Part of it if this is how you
Treat someone
You called friend
Until it wasn't convenient for you
To be decent
Any longer

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