Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rumors, Innuendo, & Other Such Bull Shit 11/11/12

I'm getting very tired
So very tired of all the
Rumors that float
On my breeze
Like birds in flight
Going everywhere
But nowhere.

So fucking tired
Of feeling you all
Branding me
With your white hot
Lies that wrap themselves
Around my heart
Like the magnifying glass
That I've been under for so long
Has finally set me ablaze.

So what am I today?
Fat slut?
Think what you will
I've given up on caring
About anyone's opinion but
My own...

I'm just tired of dealing
With people who's lies
Drip sweetly from their lips
Like the blood from the pound
Of flesh they've taken from me.

If you've got a problem with me
Or the way I'm trying to
Live Again..
Then by all means...
Post your response after
The Beep....

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