Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is It? 11/17/12

So this is how it feels
To live
An unfulfilled life
One where
All your dreams are lies
And all you cherished is
Lost to you.

So this is how it tastes
The bitterness
Of regret
The agony
Of despair
The searing pain
Of loss
With the twist
Of the knife blade
I call love

So this is fear
Of what you can not touch
Without causing
An avalanche of
To bury myself

So this is the knowledge
That I am not worthy
Not even close
To the normalcy
Of what you and yours
Have achieved
And I never will be

So this is pain
Without the numbness
Of heroin
This is what I fought
To achieve?
This is what made sobriety
Worth it?
Is it?

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