Wednesday, November 21, 2012

W.T.F. 11/21/12

Okay, so the question today is this:
What the living fuck
Have I done
To deserve
This alienation
I know that I am
A class A fuck up
That I chewed up
All the good
In my life
And  I spit it out
And left it broken

But by God,
I'm not that girl anymore

I know I deserve to be punished
For the wrong I did to my children
But I don't deserve
To be alienated
Once again
From a holiday
One damn day
That I could spend
With my angels
One damn day
To show them that
I've changed
That I'm not the monster
I've been made out to be

Looks like another day
I can stand on the outside
And look in
At a life
That I am not
Allowed to

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