Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Line 11/10/12

So here goes...
I have something to say
To those of you
Who feel the need
To take my news
And shit on it...

I have nearly died
Six times in my life
By my own hand
And for some reason
Whoever makes the
Decisions about
Who lives
And who dies
Has decided
I'm not allowed to
End myself just yet.
I have some purpose
Still yet to stay here for
My amazingly beautiful
Wonderful, sweet
Sylvia A. Richards
Always said...
That everything happens
For  reason....
And that's where I am
Trying to find reason
In all this insanity
And all I want to do
Is fall apart
But because of this
New life
This new chance
To be the woman
I was meant to be
Before the drugs
And addiction
Took hold
Of my soul..
I'm lost inside
Just knowing
That maybe
Just maybe
I'll do the right thing
Just once in my life
And perhaps I can
Begin to heal
The heartache
I place like a badge
Across my chest
It's time to defeat
This monster
This animal
That lives inside of me
I have finally drawn
The line in the sand
And without a doubt
One of us
Won't make it out
Not this time...

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