Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heartbeat 11/27/12

My brain will not shut up
I swear I feel like I'm imploding...
It's like a web of deceit I can't
Shake off...

I keep lying to myself
Telling myself I'm where
I'm supposed to be
I'm on the right path

So why do I feel
Like I'm burning
Like I'm coming
Apart at the seams...
Like all the new found
Is just slipping through
My fingers

Like I'm always
Looking in
But never
With every breath
I take
That I don't belong

If the devil has his way
I'd be back down in
The hole I created
In hell
Just for me
If the devil has his way
If the devil has his way

I keep trying...
But I feel like my soul
Is too late to save..
I feel the darkness
Creeping in again
And I start to fear
What the light
Will reveal

Will it show you
Just how depraved
A person I've been
How low
I've allowed myself
To fall..

Will it show you
Just what secrets
I hide
In the darkness
Of my soul...

Will it show you
The blood
Out of me
With every

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