Saturday, November 24, 2012

Darkness 11/24/12

Do you know
What it feels like
To fear the light?
To wake up every day
And wish you could just
Shut off the bright
Shut out the happy and
Stay happy in the black
Where no one sees
Where no one knows

Coming into the light
Hurts so much
Because they see it
They all know
But refuse to acknowledge
The filth
That still covers me
Like a blanket
I can't shake off
I can't fold up and put away

So for now
I'm choosing to stay
Enclosed in darkness
Because the night
Understands me
My insanity
You don't see me bleed
In the darkness
You don't see
The self destruct button
I press just as you fall asleep

You don't see it
But I feel it
Just under my skin
Where the scars still hide
You may not see them anymore
But I feel them every day
I remember
And I've shrouded it all
In the black
In the back
Of my soul

Where my insanity
Screams like a benediction
Just waiting
For the light
To lead it out

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