Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Knowing 11/21/12

Ten minutes
That's all it would take
To reunite two lost souls
To bring two hearts
Back into the light
Her light
She's only ten minutes
Away from my arms
At this moment
She's only a few
Heartbeats away
And I can't reach her
I can't hold her
Something is always
Standing in the way
Almost like
They don't want us
To heal
They don't want
Us to find each other
In this mess
I've admittedly made
Perhaps this is part
Of my penance
My only solace in this
Is in the knowing...
Knowing we're standing
Under the same sky
Looking at the same stars
Hearts reaching out for
Each other
At least I know
She wanted me
She asked for me
And no matter who stands
In the way
You can't take away
The knowing

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