Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reckoning 1 11/10/12

I guess today's the day
The day I begin
My reckoning...
I am starting
This new chapter
In the saga I have
I live in the land
Of regret and sorrow
I have been here for
So long...
And today I begin
The climb
To save my life
I'm clawing my way
Back out of
The hole in hell
I dug for myself
I'm tired of being
Told that
I am no good...
I'm a "pill popping whore"
Yes, I lost that war
I couldn't survive
The animal of
But by god
I have several reasons
To be a better person
And I know I can be
I cling to the belief that
I will be rescued from
My insanity..
But the only one
That can save me
Is me
And I know
I'm not as strong
As I portray myself...
I am weak
I am withering
I am waiting
For my reckoning

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