Friday, November 2, 2012

Jason VI 11/2/12

Staring at the blank white paper
Thinking to myself
What can I say here
That's going to make
Sense in this madness
All I know is that I'm 
Falling so deeply
In love with the man 
You are... 
Without trying, 
You're just you
To me, you are
The embodiment 
Of what a real man
Is supposed to be
You're a rare breed 
It's taken me thirty three
Years to meet someone 
That can simply leave me
In wonder at the 
Fact you have something
That I've never encountered
In a man
You have morals
You have strength of character 
You know who you are and
You're not hiding an asshole
Behind closed doors...
You are just what you
Portray yourself as
You're you
And I'm honored
To call you mine

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