Thursday, November 1, 2012

To My Father... 11/1/12

Once upon a time
There was a little girl
Who loved her daddy
Who was innocent
In the eyes of the world
She'd wait until he came home
And they would have a moment
All of their own
She'd untie his shoes
Take his socks off
And rub his feet
Because it was a moment
Of their own
And no one but
Fate could take that away
From them
Time passed,
As did the heartache
Of abandonment
He left for a new life
And she died a little inside
For the first time
She felt the taste
Of hate,
Of rage
Because no one was there
The night she came home
Bleeding and broken
No one saw the cracks
In her armor
The cracks that
Eventually broke her
No one heard
The screaming of her
Soul as it ran down
The shower drain
As she tried to wash
Away the memory
Of her violation

Daddy was far away then
Living his new life
With his new wife
With his new children
New and better than what
He left behind
And years passed
Many years that took her
So far into the darkness
She feared the light
Until the day she gave up
Until the day she hit
Rock bottom
And she placed a call
To the daddy she
Thought would help her
What it felt like
To be loved

And he saved her...
He brought her into
His new life
And helped her find
The broken road home
It took her years
That felt like decades
Of despair
Of revelation
He showed her
What her innocence
Once looked like
He helped her
Start to fight
Her demon of
He showed her
And love
And acceptance
In spite of
The years gone by
The pain and despair
Melted away
In that moment
That as an adult
She would sit
At the foot of his bed
Take off his shoes
Remove his socks
And rub his feet
And share the laughter
And "the silly"
That only he brings into
Her life...

I miss you tonight Dad...
I pray that you're okay
I love you so much

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