Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hollow Inside... 11/8/09

So tired of always waiting.
I’m yearning for something better,
Something more than I deserve.
Something more that makes me
Ache inside
So tired of always waiting…
Waiting for you to see me
Waiting for you to hear me
Hiding my screams inside
I ache inside….
Feeling like my heart
Is being crushed underneath
Your boot.
You just look at me and
Leave... again.
You don't see
You don't want to see...
I'm already dead inside.
I'm already gone.
I'm just hollow...
Knowing that you'll
Never fill me again.
You'll never ache for me
I know you're done...
So just let me go...
Tell me
Tell me it's over.
So I can move on..

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