Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unworthy... 11/27/12 EXPLICIT

I don't think you see
Just what you do inside of me
When you come home
And you touch me
For the first time
Since you kissed me
Sweetly on the corner
Of my mouth
When you thought 
I was still sleeping 
This morning...

You don't see
What happens inside of me
When your hands
Roam my body
Like you're 
Reacquainting yourself
With every inch
Of me

And when you take me
You lead me to your bed
And you set me on fire
With every touch
When I have your 
Skin on mine
And I can feel your
Passion build
I can feel you
Breaking in
Breaking down the walls
I've erected around my 
With every movement 
You make inside of me
With every moment
I let my aching need 
For you build
You're tearing me apart
With the love we make
In that moment just before
We fall over the edge 
Of oblivion
You capture
My soul

And you don't see it
You don't look at me
Like I do
You make me feel whole
And clean
And I don't know how to
Deal with it.
Because I'm not whole
Because I'm not good 
I'm just not
What you think you see

But in that moment
When your eyes meet mine
And you fill me
You show me a world
I never imagined
And I wish I could feel
That way
All the time.... 

Like I'm not a broken
Child's toy
Laying on the floor
Beyond hope
Of redemption...

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