Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jason VII 11/13/12

I don't think you
What the gift
Of your love
Has done
For the shattered
Life I have lived
Until now
Until you

For the first time
I feel like I'm
A part of more
Than just my pain
More than just
My mistakes

You have opened
A new door
For me and helped me
Cross a threshold
I didn't dare to believe
In my world
Of dysfunction
From whence I came
You've shown me
How good the light
Can feel
Before you there was
Only darkness
Only the deep well
Of nothingness
I thought was where
I belonged
Until you

Until the day
You showed up
On your steel horse
And gallently
Showed me
Every day since
How to live
How to love
How to let go
And feel again

Sometimes I think
You captured
The wrong girl
And that this
Taste of heaven
Will be ripped
Out from underneath
My feet
Because you are
Everything I've always
And the one thing
I fear the most

You've shown me a life
I know
I don't deserve
But one that
Because of your love
Because of your acceptance
Because of your goodness
Because of your light
Because of your belief in me
I will fight like hell
To keep
Because until I met you
I had nothing
And no one
And fought to keep
Things that way
Until you Jason
Until you

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