Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heroin & Love 11/6/12

Had a very intense talk last night
Concerning addiction
And love
And how people on the outside
Don't understand the difference
Between us
And them

So this one is for you
The ones that feel like
We've just given up on
All that we love
So that we can chase
Our demons

The words that were spoken
To me last night were
Said perfectly
It's not that we don't have
The ability to love others
We just can't love ourselves

I know that when I allow myself
I love fiercely
Without reservation
I love just like you do
And heroin doesn't kill that love

What you don't understand
Is that the heroin is there
To kill me
To end the pain
Of knowing
All I feel
All I dream
All I want to be
Will never change
The endless ache
Burning away
Inside this shell of a woman
Who isn't whole enough
To love or forgive herself

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