Friday, November 16, 2012

Bully 11/16/12

She walks
Slowly through the night
Barefoot and beautiful but
Broken and bleeding
From a million
Tiny wounds
Inflicted by
Their careless

She can look in the mirror
And see just what they all say
She used to be pretty
Before the insults
Became more than she
Could bear
Now she sees
What they all say
And it kills her
Just a little more
Every day

She used to wake and look
Forward to her day
She loved learning and she loved
The silly moments with her friends
Until the silly moments stopped
And they turned from friends
To vicious bitches
Bent on destroying someone
Better than them
Prettier than them
Someone with more going for her
Than they ever knew
But they'd see
Soon enough

She walks slowly down the tracks
Barefoot and beautiful
Covered in the blood and tears
Of those who did her wrong
They never knew
What they'd awakened
With their hate
Never imagined
She'd want revenge
Before she turned off all
The lies, all the hurt
She can see the light approaching
And all she sees
Is beauty
They can't take from her

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