Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soul Journey... 11/11/12

I had a conversation this evening
With someone I hold dear in my heart
No matter what,
No matter where,
No matter what I've done
He's been my big brother
And he has never judged
Or laid the guilt on me
Because he knows I do
It to myself
Enough for all of you
We were discussing
The topic of souls
He made some comment about
My soul and my reply
Was that I don't
Have one anymore....
His response went something
Like this....
You have a soul damn it...
You have locked it up
And thrown out the key
It's just trapped in you
Because you chose
To live your life
Numb.... Lock that soul
Inside you and kept it hidden
Because all you've been through
Has scarred you...
Heart and soul
And it was easier to
Numb out
Instead of facing
Your demons...
But the woman I see
Before me
Is trying to be whole
Trying to make a life
And live it happily,
And yet you feel that you
Don't deserve his love
That he's too good for
Someone so broken...
It's time for you to change
Time for you to unlock
The cage you've created
To house the one part of you
That makes you you...
I say, it's time....
Time to show them all...
Time to set your soul free
And see where the journey to
Self discovery will take you...

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