Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 11/11/12 (Letter To An Unknown Soldier)

Since it's Veteran's Day...

Letter To An Unknown Soldier

Inconsequential things…
The way you laughed,
The way you’d sigh
The way you’d smile.
I’ll remember it all.
The way you’d jump to make right
Any injustice you saw.
Seemed only right
So off you went to fight.
You went into hell
You went into the fire
You fearlessly fought
For another man’s desire
You tried to make right,
What wasn't right from the start…

So goodbye soldier
Goodbye daddy to be
Goodbye eyes
That only saw good in me.
Goodbye shoulders
So strong
So brave
Goodbye to one more hero
Too young for the grave.
It just isn't fair
That you’ll never hold your daughter
She’ll know you only by photo’s
By my memories
And the dog tag’s
They sent back home…
Laying somewhere a million miles away
Never to look into the eyes,
So much like your own…
So much like your own.
And this is the injustice
You can’t fight at all…

Now you can’t fight at all…

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