Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bad One 10/13/12

Damn, I'm really
Having a bad night here
Got so much shit
Stored up inside
That I'm having
A hell of a time
Yanking it out

I guess it started with
My daddy blues
He couldn't stay
And I couldn't
Make him
But it didn't end there...

Then we jump
To the night
I lost my childhood
In one frantic fucking
Three hours you spent
Raping my innocence away
Until there was
Nothing left

Next comes
My first love
And my realization
That I wasn't meant
For better
So for years
I was a secret
Not good enough
And then
When you acknowledged
My effort in loving you
We ruined us
With drugs

So then came
The junkie
The slut
The dirty bitch
The whore
The cunt
That ripped the
Rest of the me
Out of me
So even I
Couldn't remember
Where I'd left
The pieces
Along the way

Then I woke up
For the first time
In years
And got my shit
Semi together
But nothing lasts
It seems...
When you don't
Come clean
And really work
To fix
The fuck up

So now here we are
On the other side
Of my relapse
Clean girl,
Once again
This time trying
To do it right
Instead of falling back
On my fucked up
Instead of letting
Myself become
The bad one
The one you all
Looked over
And found

The bad one
The one that lives
Just under
My skin
The bad one
Like there's two of me
The bad one
You just don't see
Murdered what good
There was
Years ago
I am
The bad one
And always
Will be

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