Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Siren Song 10/23/12

Sometimes, I get
Tired of fighting it
I feel like I'm already
Wasted, useless
An unclean whore
Bent on destruction
Things were so much
Easier then
Just pop that needle
Through the skin,
Slide it into the vein
And it's go time
It gets so cold out here
But you get so sick
It's never enough
Not until you slide
That needle
In your veins until
There's nothing but
You and the devil
Strolling side by side
Toward hell
While people try to
Bring you back
I've overdosed six times
So the devil and I
Have had some pretty
Interesting chats...

So I guess this is me
Saying farewell
To easy,
To forgetting
I'm tired of letting
My bad memories
Mess with the good ones
I could be making
Instead of letting
The stain of my
Cloud everything
Tired of remembering
The siren song of heroin
And how good it felt
To just numb out
I guess I'm just tired
Just not feeling strong
Not that I ever really do
I'm tired
Of fighting the devil
Because I've learned
One valuable lesson
On my walks
With the devil...
He always wins

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