Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making Love 10/11/12

I'm having a moment
A moment of pure
I'm making love
To the music
I've got locked
In my  soul

And you guys...
My brothers at arms
In this fight
To unleash
The songs
In our hearts
Are making it
Way too easy
For me
To let it all
Just spill out
Of me

Especially you Jeff...
I may be the voice
But you are the heart
You amaze me
With your talent
A light in the
Music world
That has so far
Not been taken
As seriously
As it deserves...

I say...
Let's show em all
The ones who said
We'd never be
What we wanted
Never achieve
The level of success
That we damn well

So here's my promise
In writing
I'll be with you
My brothers
All the way on this
It's time for us
To fight the battle
And finally win
This war

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