Saturday, October 13, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 12 10/13/12

I'm really letting you
Get under my skin today
I swear,
I don't know what the hell
I'd do if someone stopped here
And said...
"Here's some free heroin"
That would suck for my
Let me tell you
Cuz I just want to forget
How you feel inside me
I saw your fucking face
Last night
And all I can think of
Was how you sounded
As you pushed your way
Inside of me
How you weren't even
Remotely gentle
Knowing after that first thrust
That you'd just
Ripped a fucking hole in me
That will never
Be filled
How the knowing
That you were my first fuck
Was making you drool
Onto my back
Like you'd just had
Thanksgiving feast
Laid out in front of you

I feel so violated
Right now
All over again
Seems like
You've been
Raping me

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