Saturday, October 13, 2012

Letter To My Rapist 11... 10/13/12

I have to say
It's one thing
To feel you
Like a cancer
Eating away
Inside me
Making every
Good thing
Turn black
But it's a
New kind
Of hell
To see you
After all these years

Do you know how close
I came
To getting out
Of the car
And walking up
To you
And your family
And smiling...
While I
Stabbed you
In the nuts.
Just one look
And I'm back
Where I began
Unable to sleep
Without you
Ruining my
Unable to
Feel good
About anything

I see you
And I just want
To rip the skin
Off your hated face
I see you
And I want to
Gouge your eyes out
I see you
And I want to
Come home
And put a bullet
In my head
I see you
I see you

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