Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 26 10/27/12

I've had my moments with you
Running through my head like you're
In a fucking marathon
Giving it all you're worth
But I'm ready to knee-cap you
Because today's race
Has been called
On account of death
On account of me
On account of my
Recent revelation
That you're not
Going to win this one
I'm tired of letting you
Play with me
Get me to the point of
Giving up
Giving in
I refuse to let you
Keep me in bondage
Even though the thought
Probably puts a rod in your shorts,
I refuse to let you continue
To fuck me
To fuck with me
So get over yourself...
I'm waiting at the finish line
And I've got a little something
I've saved just for you
I'll swing that hammer down
So fast, so hard
You won't see me coming

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